Celebrating Jim

Dear amazing family and friends,

We think we have finally located a place large enough to hold the people who will be able to make it out to join us for the celebration of Jim’s life next Saturday… but only because so many of the people who love him world-wide can’t get here for one reason or another. If everyone could make it, we would have to start making our appeal to Jerry Jones.

Services will be held at 2:00 on Saturday August 25th

Christ United Methodist Church 

3101 Coit Rd, Plano TX

There will be a reception at the church immediately following the service, and anyone who fits is welcome to join us at the house after the reception. 

I am not sure if it has been 3 days, 3 minutes, or 100 years since 8/17/18, but so much time seems to have passed, and so little has actually happened, and the world is a whole different place…. But there is so much to do that I can’t get carried away here rambling about the Klinkenverse. Still I HAVE to say yet again how totally incredible the force of love of Jim’s and my family and friends around the kids and me has been during this time warp. You all have pulled together to lift us up and carry us through… I can’t begin to mention names because there are so many, and you are doing so much, but I don’t know how I would be making it through without you.

One little ramble I do feel compelled to share… I have obviously never been in this position before (that may have come out wrong, but you know what I mean, and you will cut me some slack). I’ve been the person trying to find the right words to say to someone in this position. On that side I wondered how much the other person would want to be reminded of their loved one… of course they would want to know how very much he/she was cared about and remembered, but certainly every tiny little reminder of what that living partner lost would feel like little needles to the heart, wouldn’t it??

So in these days I’ve poked around and tried it out on myself… does it feel better to avoid just a bit until the wound starts to heal (as if!), or does it feel better to invoke his name repeatedly? There is no question when it comes to the kids. I will always deliver every sentiment from both of us, because everything we’ve always said has been from both of us, and everything always WILL be from both of us. I asked them if they are comfortable with that and we are all in agreement.  From there I started testing it out on all of the other million places in the day that he is supposed to be present.

Of course I can’t speak for everyone else, but now I can speak for myself, and the answer is -yes. Yes it does feel like tiny little needles in my heart when I think about what I’ve lost, what the kids have lost, and what Jim will miss… And then each of those needles injects a little infusion of light and energy and JIMNESS that fills my heart with joy. Because that is Jim, and that part of him he left with us and it fills every bit of space around me when I think about him.

I know it isn’t easy to know what to say… there is no right thing, there is no wrong thing, and nothing is going to fix my broken heart or yours. But as far as I’m concerned, share your memories and never hold back from telling me that you are thinking about him -I can never overdose on Jimness and love.


(Also, we are making chili tonight. He loved my chili. If you are near by, come and share chili and hugs)

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