Another ICU Day

Last night I wrote “what’s going to happen in 5 minutes? I don’t know.” and about 5 minutes after I hit “post”, things got a bit rougher for a patch. Nothing so drastic that they are making an episode of Grey’s Anatomy based on our night, just discomfort and changes in vital signs with adjustments needed. Fortunately that patch resolved quickly, and few more came and went throughout the night in similar fashion. In the morning the Critical Care docs came in and spoke with Kenzie, Chloe, Julie, and me. They said his xray was improving, and his oxygen demand was decreasing (good and good) and his cardiac function continued to look good (good!), but they still felt he wasn’t quite ready to do the breathing on his own yet. In order to get there, he has to spend some time working really hard breathing through the tube by himself. After a rough night, I couldn’t agree more. He needed his rest.

Today those docs have visited a few times and varied between letting him do some breathing and giving him some rest. He had a while of being quite awake and as communicative as possible with tube down throat, squeezing my hands, making good eye contact, touching fingers with Kenz, pulling my hands to his heart, and giving me a big clear thumbs up when I instructed the staff on turning him with the Hovermatt. I swear that last one is the most energetic reaction he has had this whole time, other than when he sees his loved ones…. the man is STILL WORKING!

Dr Berryman called the kidney Dr in to join the party because with all of the drugs and especially high dose steroids, and lasix to get out the extra fluids, his kidneys are starting to get stressed out and Dr B wanted to make sure he is ahead of the game on involving anyone who might be needed.

Thank you so so so so much family and friends for all of the incredible support, visiting doggies, bringing food, listening, just being you. We love you.

Now Jim has been so very peaceful these past many hours, with perfect vital signs, and I have a rare opportunity to pet Kenzie’s head while she’s resting here next to me on the hospital couch, so I am over and out for tonight.

(PS I hit “post” and then looked up to see that his eyes were open and he was quietly, in his sleepy sedated state, reaching for his tube. Kenz and I went over and had another good few minutes of talking to him and getting good head nods and hand squeezes in response to our questions. He even slowed his breathing down when we asked him to because he was looking at Kenzie’s beautiful face, and feeling her love. We said “you did that because you are so strong!” and he squeezed our hands and shook his fist. Now he is back to peaceful sleep.)

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