12th Day

On the twelfth day since transplant, my true love gave to me

FIVE hundred cells

Don’t worry, the song ends here! But 500 white blood cells is something to sing about! The numbers are coming up (though some will go down again before they go up for good), and it is clear that the new cells are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Progress!

Last night we were walking the halls in the wee hours, because the pain of the new bone marrow exploding in growth, which Jim describes as the process of Lou Ferrigno morphing into The Hulk, is better when the pressure is off those persistently productive pelvic bones. The pain comes in these sort of squeezing-like waves that last about 10-30 seconds at a time. So at one point Jim stopped and waited for the moment to pass. I looked back at him, and he was doing this odd breathing panting thing, and I had a flash of deja vu which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But a few minutes later the words “breathe through it” popped to mind, and it hit me -we were pacing the halls like parents-to-be heading towards the final stages of labor! But HE is the one giving birth, and it is NOT MY FAULT! Still, I kind of feel like the dad… trying to be understanding and useful by offering ice chips or something. Not at all helpful. But the more I think about it, the more I see that he actually is giving birth… to a whole new immune system. Very cool. And thankfully it doesn’t seem to be quite as intense as labor. Plus he gets to take all kinds of good drugs that we moms definitely did NOT get to use to ease the process. Either way, it is a labor of love, the delivery of a new life, and the passageway to a bright future with unlimited potential.

Speaking of weird medical processes (and exiting the topic of sappy Hallmark moments), our little chipmunk Kenz is doing just fine post wisdom tooth removal…

Despite appearances in this lovely moment caught on film by her sister, Kenzie is handling her recovery like a total champ!!! Daddyo’s little acorn falling close to the tree! (I know she’s supposed to be an apple in that analogy, but there is no connection between chipmunks and apples. And acorns fall from trees too.) She and the rest of the “kids” are reveling in the first days of winter break. Soon we will be home to share it with them! In the meantime, we spend the hours between their visits finding new ways to entertain ourselves and the staff.

Holiday spirit is in the air!

Goodnight and THANK YOU, our exceptional family and friends! And goodnight and goodbye, day 12!


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