Waiting for a transplant looks like…


The Deutch stemmies are here safely! The Baylor team is “counting them” now…. it takes a while to count to 5,000,000! The nurses are changing shifts in a few minutes, and the night nurse is all ready to hang the cells when they arrive on the floor. IT WILL HAPPEN TONIGHT! But don’t wait up. It’s kind of like the 12th inning in the 7th game of the world series… except that we already know the outcome! WIN! When it’s over I will post the update anyway, just so you can look here in the morning and smile and say “YAY!” I tried to look up YAY in German, but I don’t think there is an appropriate translation 😉

Thank you AGAIN, family and friends, for the love and prayers! They will continue to flow in with the stem cells, creating their magic, all night long!

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