Es Hat Begonnen!

IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!! We are currently about half way through 1 out of 2 bags of stem cells, and Jim is doing GREAT! He just woke up and reached for the caramel M&Ms before drifting back out on a cloud of Benadryl. We have a few more hours to go, so in the meantime here are answers to some things you never thought to wonder….

  1. What does a brand new immune system look like when it’s sitting on the nurses desk outside of the patient’s room?

Those “BIOHAZARD” bags ARE Jim’s new stem cells! His whole new immune system… his future bone marrow, is laying on the desk waiting for the charge nurse to join the party. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?! To the right you see the nurse’s little window where they can open the shades to peek in and see if we are behaving. And as you can see, “we” are not 😉

2. What is a singing bone marrow transplant patient?

This is a singing bone marrow transplant patient. It’s more impressive on video.

3. What does it look like to get smashed in bed by your wife and 2/5 of your kids during a bone marrow transplant?

Self explanatory.

4. How does the nurse flush a line during a bone marrow transplant?

This is how Nurse Rene flushes the line during a bone marrow transplant. The nurses are awesome around here! The doctor doesn’t even attend the transplant… he doesn’t have to, he already laid the groundwork. And we already know how awesome he is!

6. What happens to the “kids” when they watch a bone marrow transplant?

They either grow a wreath halo with a bow on top, or an antler out of their ear. I think they can handle the complications though… Nurse Chloe and Dr Adam may well be in the drivers’ seats before the next decade is out!

7. Who is Ron?

Ron is another one of the incredible difference makers with an RN on his chest, and a gifted heart inside of it.

8. How did we get to number 8 after only 6 pictures? Hmmmm…. By skipping my A.D.D. meds today, perhaps? Oh well, there are more important things than keeping proper list order at the moment! And in the time it took me to write this, we moved on to bag 2! Jim is halfway done with his bone marrow transplant! Which brings us to the 9th(ish) question…

What does it look like to sleep through the second half of your own bone marrow transplant?

This also happens to be what the aftermath of 50mg of Benadryl and .5mg of Ativan look like!

In case this blog hasn’t answered ALL of your bone marrow transplant questions, feel free to click the links below for real live (and totally non-informative) event videos! I feel like I should tell you to watch at your own risk because these videos contain extreme medical footage and should not be viewed by the feint of heart… but that would just be a lie…

Pre-bone marrow transplant

THE bone marrow transplant
Conversing with the incoming cells (after enough Benadryl to sedate a horse)
Thank you so much for being here! If you read this, you are part of Jim’s phenomenal support crew, and we love you!

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